Stephen Burke is a fine-art painter from Dublin, Ireland. He graduated with a BA in Print-making from NCAD, Dublin in 2016 and received his Masters (Hons) in painting degree from the Glasgow School of Art in September 2018. Stephen is the co-author of 'Buff' which was released in August of 2017. Buff is a publication which documented and explored the concept of graffiti removal as an art form. Stephen is also the co-founder of the public arts group 'Bua' which began in January 2018. His work generally exists in the form of large multi-medium paintings & sculptures in both interior and exterior spaces. His work draws from the built environment as subject and playground and explores notions of post-vandalism, urban regeneration and situationist workings.  He's currently living and working in Glasgow, UK.

E - stefanobardsley@gmail.com

IG - stefano.bardsley

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